Who is Insightabl Apps?

The team behind Insightabl Apps are a collection of Salesforce consultants that dedicate their years of experience solving common industry challenges to delivering a suite of products that are dynamic, dependable, and accessible for any Salesforce customer.

Apps that unlock actionable insights

Our ecosystem of apps are highly customizable, as any combination of our products will seamlessly integrate and achieve a harmonious addition to your business. These apps are designed with your business in mind, giving you instant access to quality actionable data.

Each product is tested against common industry use cases to consider current issues and potential challenges. Our commitment to continuous improvement will simplify everyday operations from application installation to refinement and expansion.

How each app drives measurable outcomes:

  • Removes the guesswork of using a CRM by simplifying manual reporting processes so users can focus their time on increasing sales.
  • Adaptable and unique customisation options to allow users to tailor it to their specific needs, workflows and objectives.
  • Enable users to drive more value with an intuitive interface; users can quickly navigate the apps to unlock the full potential of the CRM, driving productivity and efficiency from day one.
All apps are available on the Salesforce AppExchange:


Set meeting frequency and capture actionable meeting insights.

• Right customers at the right time

• Rich meeting outcomes

• Multi layered frequency

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Understand operational landscape and influencing factors for a deal.

• Leverage your and competitors win/loss data

• Make data-informed decisions around tenders and deals

• Understand who works with whom in your network

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Track employment history for key contacts over their career.

• LinkedIn experience in Salesforce

• Helps marketing email accuracy

• Reduce duplication of records

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Create quick quotes whilst still a lead.

• Respond to sales inquiries faster

• Create quote on conversion

• Discover the value of a lead

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