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Know your deal landscape and what it takes to win

Networkabl lets you deeply understand your professional network in any deal scenario, including the value of your connections, partnerships, relationships, and competitors. Insights into historical deal outcomes drive better sales strategies and win rates.

Leverage insights into deal relationships to compete better

Chasing a tender in unfavourable conditions wastes time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. On the other hand, doubling down in situations that favour you brings big rewards. Networkabl lets sales teams make fast, accurate decisions about deals.


Networkabl Key Functionality

  • Make data-informed decisions around tenders and deals

    Understand who is involved and how well the opportunity aligns with your strengths based on deal size, context, and previous success against the competition. Use these insights to make decisions based on team capacity and how you stack up against the competition.

  • Understand who works with whom

    It is not only about who is involved but how they work together. Understand roles and partnerships, past outcomes, and what you could do differently this time.

  • Make strategic decisions based on individual parties’ influence on a deal

    When you understand the relationships among various deal parties and your competitors, as well as past outcomes, you can continually adjust your strategy to win.When you know someone has a strong influence on the outcome, you can improve your relationship with them or allocate extra resources to their interactions.

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Insights for your business

Unlocking value for all:

Networkabl delivers value in three ways

Relationship management

  • Identify influential players and where a partnership could enhance your win rate.
  • Extend critical relationships where you achieve consistent success.
  • Boost the efficiency of your sales team by focusing their attention in the right place

Competitor analysis

  • Analyse past deal performance to resource your deals to beat the competition
  • Understand relationships such as whose win rate rises when matched with whom.
  • Uncover and go after the opportunities your competitors are not targeting.

Data analysis

  • Surface key win/loss trends informing the deals you can confidently commit to.
  • Drill into specifics like deal size and timeframe for analysing the most relevant data
  • Analyse your chances of winning before committing valuable resources.

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  • "Insightabl Apps successfully resolved the everyday challenges I faced with the Salesforce system, including recording, storing, analyzing, and utilizing information in revenue-generating activities. Throughout our interactions, their team displayed expertise and professionalism, providing a reliable and insightful solution that enhances Salesforce's out-of-the-box capabilities. With effortless installation and abundant supporting resources, I highly recommend Insightabl's range of products to businesses seeking to maximize the potential of their Salesforce CRM."