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Ensure reliable communication data as your contacts navigate career transitions

Simplify the process for your users to effectively keep track of your connections within customer organisations when they transition to new roles or companies. By keeping up to date with your business contacts' career paths, you can ensure a healthy database for reliable and precise communication data.

Make your sales and marketing teams more efficient with accurate data

Empower your sales and marketing teams with reliable data to execute strategies effectively, build stronger relationships and engage in insightful conversations. Promote confidence that communications will connect with the relevant contacts, for enhanced outcomes and more effective use of resources.


Employabl key functionality

  • Seamlessly update contact information to ensure optimal contactability

    Effortlessly manage consistent contact details when interacting with key accounts and contacts. Instantly update records with a dedicated button to preserve the efficacy of your sales and marketing communications.

  • Expose insufficient contact data and action strategies to eliminate its influence

    Exclude inaccurate contact information with a designated holding account to prevent inaccurate data inclusion in communications. Know exactly where to place inaccurate contact data by selecting ‘Whereabouts Unknown’.

  • Distill best practices when logging former positions

    Intuitively transfer essential contact information such as a mobile number, across employment positions. Continue to stay aware of evolving career information and resume the communication journey went identifying their newly attached account.

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  • "Employabl was a simply installed App that has provided a smooth process for us to manage our Contacts career movements across Accounts (known and unknown). The sales and marketing teams now have greater confidence with their communications and account management activity while the service teams are now alerted to any changes in the decision maker or primary contact's against their assigned accounts."

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