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Sales Rep

Improve meeting management

Conducting meetings is essential for driving sales in business. Meetabl supports your sales team and extends your CRM to help you get the most value from meetings and stay top-of-mind with every customer.

Best practice meeting standards

Meeting customers too often is counterproductive. Additionally, spending time with favourites distracts from other essential meetings and risks goals. At the same time, not meeting frequently enough leaves money on the table. Meetabl sets best practice meeting standards for your business without burdening sales reps to figure it out.

Optimising customer meetings for sales success

Meetabl Key Functionality

  • See the right customers at the right time

    Know precisely when the right time to see customers without guessing

  • Activate frequency settings for the same customer

    Set a different meeting frequency for separate individuals in your organisation to meet with the same customer

  • Capture richer information by meeting or attendee

    Use it to set relevant agendas and clear objectives for each meeting

  • Identify over and under-serviced customers

    Effortlessly manage territory reach and coverage to set and meet KPIs

  • Empower teams to instantly know the value of their meetings

    And manage them accordingly in an easy-to-use, quick-to-set-up tool.

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Insights for your business

Unlocking value for all:

Empowering Sales Reps, Managers, and IT Administrators to optimize meeting productivity and outcomes

Sales Rep

Sales Representative

  • Set the meeting frequency that gets you in front of your customers before your competitors and keeps you top-of-mind. 
  • Extend your sales performance by managing your meeting planning for you 
  • Achieve more meetings - and more within your meetings - without sacrificing any customer for the sake of others.
Sales Manager

Sales Manager

  • Be assured your team is managing their territory and time with customers to maximum effect.
  • Remove the guessing of how often reps need to meet customers to achieve sales goals.
  • Instantly get deep insights into interactions, meeting outcomes and performance.
  • Measure insights against competition to know you are always taking your best shot at satisfying customers.
It Admins

IT Administrator

  • A few simple changes to your Salesforce settings are all it takes to maximise team members' meeting productivity and outcomes.
  • Eliminate the time and costs of customisations.
  • Take advantage of embedded training resources to achieve rapid time-to-value.

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  • "Insightabl Apps successfully resolved the everyday challenges I faced with the Salesforce system, including recording, storing, analyzing, and utilizing information in revenue-generating activities. Throughout our interactions, their team displayed expertise and professionalism, providing a reliable and insightful solution that enhances Salesforce's out-of-the-box capabilities. With effortless installation and abundant supporting resources, I highly recommend Insightabl's range of products to businesses seeking to maximize the potential of their Salesforce CRM."