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Built by consultants, each product is tested against common use cases to consider current issues and potential challenges.

Our commitment to continuous improvement will simplify everyday operations from application installation through to refinement and expansion.

Each product launches with a detailed roadmap to define a consistent vision, direction, and future priorities.



Creating meaningful connections with customers through standardised interactions and actionable insights.

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Unlock your business’s potential by making faster strategic decisions with the power of data-driven insights and opportunity landscape analysis.

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Effortlessly maintain complete employment history of your customers for better database management.

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Seize new business opportunities with speed and precision by identifying prospects needs and delivering quotes ahead of your competition

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About us

CRM products to grow your business quickly

Insightabl Apps is a Salesforce independent software vendor of products for greatly improving CRM experiences and outcomes. These pre-packaged solutions layer onto Salesforce to enable users and generate revenue-boosting insights without the need to navigate a custom adaptation.

  • Meetabl

    Lets sales reps plan and record meeting data flexibly, increasing their meeting relevance, value to customers, and outcomes.

  • Networkabl

    Capture data from one or more parties involved in an opportunity and apply influence weightings to calculate your chances of winning the business.

  • Employabl

    Grants complete visibility by dynamically tracking contacts’ career changes from new employers through to change of work title

  • Convertabl

    Allows sales teams to add products, quantities, and pricing to a Salesforce lead to generate a standard quote faster.

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  • "Insightabl Apps successfully resolved the everyday challenges I faced with the Salesforce system, including recording, storing, analyzing, and utilizing information in revenue-generating activities. Throughout our interactions, their team displayed expertise and professionalism, providing a reliable and insightful solution that enhances Salesforce's out-of-the-box capabilities. With effortless installation and abundant supporting resources, I highly recommend Insightabl's range of products to businesses seeking to maximize the potential of their Salesforce CRM."
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Extend Salesforce Functionality

The great thing about Insightabl apps is that they drive the success of individuals, teams, whole departments, and organisations..