Quickly produce accurate quotes early in the sales cycle

The complete lead conversion tool for Salesforce®.

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Respond to sales inquiries faster to win new business

When your prospects enquire, often the first company to send the quote wins the business. Beat out the competition by responding to your prospects faster with Convertabl.

Calculate the future value of a lead from the first conversation

Strategically plan your sales efforts by foreseeing the value of a lead by referencing desired product quantities before engaging in a partnership.


Convertabl Key Functionality

  • Gain a competitive edge by sending quotes faster

    Build customer confidence with faster quote generation to fulfil the prospect's requests before hanging up the phone or ending the conversation.

  • Enhance strategic planning with upfront lead value determination

    Gather valuable customer insights during the initial stages of the inquiry process to enrich strategic planning. Using these insights, assess the profitability of prospective leads against sales targets.

  • Automatically synchronise quotes against an opportunity

    Ensure sales process best practices are followed when converting a quote with automatic quote synchronisation against an opportunity record. Enable your sales team to boost their efficiency and effectiveness in meeting customer needs.

  • Input quote details on the go with mobile capabilities

    Capture quote-related data in the field, to execute sales processes on the go.

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